Monday, October 19, 2009

Tiddly Wank!

If you are just finiding my website, make sure to check out THIS POST to read about everything coming to the site over the next month.

Tiddlywank was just released on Newgrounds which is an animation I made December of last YEAR, but have been just holding onto for the longest time. Mostly because I don't really find it that funny, and it's kinda amateur from all the Unforgotten Realms stuff I been doing, but oh well. If you good folk are interested in helping support the site by getting new people to discover Unforgotten realms then go vote for Tiddlywank on Newgrounds!

Also remember, if you haven't already I suggest you read THIS POST to find out everything about the upcoming additions to the site!

Monday, October 5, 2009

New Website!

Welcome to WittyWizard! A website to find all the old, new and yet to come material of Robert Moran (That's me talking in third person, pretty cool right?). With it comes a couple new things and a lot of old things! You can read/watch about all my work from past or present or if you are so daring enough to do so visit my FANCY new blog to find out about upcoming features to the site!
Alright then. Whats new? So with the new site I have a couple new planned features coming out. First off, the DVD pre-orders have begun and this fancy site can be checked out to see the progress I'm making with them. Essentially once I have sold enough DVDs to cover the cost of making the next season of Unforgotten Realms, I will begin releasing episodes again! Sounds good right? I am hoping to have new episodes coming out as early as the New Year but if that isn't soon enough for you don't fret too much because I have some special animations coming out as well.

If you read anything about the DVD, you would know that there are three Roamin and Gaary cartoons that are coming with it. One of them is the Halloween special that will be airing Oct 31st! The other two are exclusive to the DVD! There will also be an Unforgotten Realms Christmas Special this year as well so get ready for that! Outside of the animations though Witty Wizard will be hosting a couple other features on the site.

Unforgotten Realms is getting it's own 3 panel cartoon. It's not just your basic .jpg cartoon either, it's gonna be pretty fancy with voice overs and pop up speech bubbles so it will be something for the dedicate few who just need more Unforgotten Realms in there life. The plan is to have two released per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays and hopefully those will start up something at the end of the month.
Another feature coming out is Monday Night Game Night. Awhile back I played ScribbleNaughts over ustream and a lot of people seemed to enjoy just hanging out watching me make snarky remarks. Sometimes I'll be playing those Single Player games but others I'll be playing Multiplayer ones for you guys to join in or watch.. or do both and cheat you cheater-Mc.-Cheaterson! As with the comic, this is planned to start early November right after I get done with all the DVD and site changes going on around here first.

Lastly, something some of you older fans might go crazy for, I can happily announce that the fabled and epic Legendary Heroes podcast will once again be blessing the Unforgotten Realms community. Johnny Voruz will be lending his sexy voice to once again for a weekly podcast with yours truly. Johnny wants to also start a little quiz with the fans to be able to join in on the podcast but more information on that will be coming out later this month.

With all this new content the plan is to have the weekdays work like this.

  • Monday Night Game Night on Monday
  • Unforgotten Realms Comic Strip on Tuesday
  • Legendary Heroes Podcast on Wednesday
  • Unforgotten Realms Comic Strip on Thursday
  • And finally, an episode of Unforgotten Realms on Friday

Hopefully come new year will be in full swing with more Unforgotten Realms then ever before! That is of course if enough people BUY THE DVD!