Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This will be my last blog post...

Yup.. that title is correct... this will be my last blog post gang...

Because the new site that hopefully should be up sometime this week will host the blog directly on it. If your heart skipped a beat, I apologize for the night late (or early morning?) troll. I just finished the intro I been putting off doing for a "newish" show called Two Player. Basically, me and Roamin had so much fun with the GRr Podcast magika specials that we said "Hey, lets just do more of this shit." Because it's so easy for the both of us to just play a game for a couple a hours, we already have months worth of podcasts.

In fact, if I was to stop and do nothing but put whats already uploaded and ready to be released, releasing one of these videos a day. Beaten Super Minecraft/Two Player, there would be silly video game movies to watch for months! I know a lot of you want the Unforgotten Realms more then anything and next week I should have an episode out for you guys assuming I get the website out this week which I am working my butt off to do. The first episode of me and Roamins "Two Player" show will be out later today once KillerKitten {soon to name change to Sugar on the forums} is done updating the site, it's honestly a lot of fun and we play a classic of all classics.

So as I mentioned on the soon to be Read Only forums as will have a new forums coming with the site again, I have a sort of "Community" project in the mix I'm gonna throw out there for those of you who read the blog. While animating some stuff for Unforgotten Realms a couple weeks back, I started watching the YogCast. Basically, these guys do a bunch of video game podcasts but gained a ton of popularity ever since there minecraft movies. Essentially they made a couple movies about them exploring minecraft and slowly turned it into this show where two guys who aren't roleplaying are in a roleplaying world. I absolutely loved it because it screams the Rob character and Unforgotten Realms to me.

While talking to Roamin about this, we somehow stumbled on the idea of playing Dungeons and Dragons in Minecraft. Like any big D&D fan who plays MMOs, me and Roamin were VERY EXCITED when 4.0 first came out and they started talking about this "Live" table to play with. Me and Roamin live as far away as we pretty much possibly can in North America, so this live table was huge for us. I remember even back then we were making plans to record our sessions of D&D for internet videos and this was back before the Unforgotten Realms reboots I believe. So when the light bulb of Minecraft+D&D came on, it came on really bright. I will be DMing the games and we won't be playing a "real" form of D&D to deal with balance issues, gameplay and the overall entertainment of it, but it will be in the spirit of it! Our players will be Roamin, Gaary, and the soon to be introduced Shay who will be our token girl in the D&D game, because I figured the only thing better then Roamin and Gaary is to give them someone to harass.

As this game will be built in minecraft, I'll need the help of the community to prebuild the world and dungeons. Will be having some "Build" days where I'll open up a server and ventrillo to those who sign up in advance and are interested in helping prepare the world for our three adventurers to explore. I'm super excited and it's going to be a lot of fun so when the new site comes out make sure you watch the NEW blog and NEW forums!

High five guys.

PS: The goal of the new site is to not only release something every single day of the week, but even moreso then that. Right now I'm getting to the point where we have too much stuff and I wanna put out some different videos every day if possible, because of this the current site design isn't really setup to showcase a bunch of videos in the small boxes really.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Tons of stuff this week, next week and so forth.

New Unforgotten Realms this friday as well as some special GRR Podcasts and Minecraft? Oh boy lots of content incoming.

But before I talk about that lets go over some viewer mail.

"Dear Rob,

You have released any episodes. I hate you and you family.

Signed Lots of People"

Emails like there came in by the truck load over the last couple months. Heres the jist of what happened. I finished the most recent episode, some friendly dudes wanted to buy the show, said friendly dudes backed out after I put a bunch of work into new episodes, Holidays came. I mean I have no idea why I havn't released any of the content I made before Christmas in the last month in a half, but time was just slipping through my fingers and things I needed to do first just kept coming up.

Okay so Minecraft. So about two weekends ago, I decided to try out some single player minecraft, as I explain in the first episode, I have never played single player and I decided to play it with some hardcore style mods enabled. For some reason I also decided to record it encase things turned out amazing and they turned out amazing. After two nights of playing, I had basically 12 hours of footage. What the hell do I do with 12 hours of footage? Most of it being hilarious? Well because of filesize limitations on websites like blip and youtube, episodes really can't be longer then 30 minutes without hurting quality so every Monday and Tuesday will be doing Minecraft episodes! For a long time! Let me know if you dudes like this sort of stuff and I'll make it something to do for as long as it's fun.

And then Roamin and Gaary decided last weekend that we should play some video games and when playing video games I should record them. Me and Roamin went through and found so much hilarious stuff to play we recorded a beat em up game called Cadillacs and Dinosaurs which was awesome, but the first set of GRR Gaming Podcasts will be throwing up is us playing Magika. I know, I know, a bunch of british dudes (Who are awesome) just did this and honestly after seeing that video it was Gaary who straight wanted to do the same thing, but in my defense I tried getting Roamin and Gaary to get the game day one. They just didn't think it was that cool until they found out we could kill each other.

So yeah. Episode 49 this Friday like I said. I should be releasing UR episodes up to the end of the season every Friday or other Friday, but sometimes these things just take time. A bunch of me and my buddies playing video games may help fill in some gaps for stuff you dudes can watch. Oh also theres a Roamin the Paladin T-Shirt in the store. I haven't really been advertising it yet, as I am waiting for stuff to pick up, but it's there if you want one!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fan Expo and New Podcasts

Oh boy.... this might be a long one! Alright, so I got back from FanExpo a little over a week ago, wouldn't you know it my computer's heat sink started telling me how much it didn't like being under the table of a hot convention center. Replaced that bugger only to find out Vista thinks I don't need a desktop to use my computer, wiped my drives clean, upgraded to Windows Seven and then spent a long time installing software. MAN I have a lot of software I use to do all this stuff! So besides that slowing me down from talking about Fan Expo, I also was holding off for interviews.

Three different small little companies did video interviews with me at fan expo and none of them used my footage! Awesome! But oh well the expo as a hole was awesome. Lots of super fans who have never, ever spoken to me were super excited to meet me. I had this cool little thing going where if you signed my Eluamous Nailo or Sir Schmoopy of Awesometon posters, I would draw you a picture. Somehow I didn't realize that when you say you will draw people pictures for free, A LOT of people end up wanting pictures. Just how many did I draw then? I dunno you count for me!

If you follow that link to our new facebook group, you can also see some pictures of our booth and some fans who upgraded pictures taken with me. I will for sure be going next year back to Fan Expo in Toronto and hopefully even more dudes will sign my posters next year.

Back to the Unforgotten Realms universe, you guys want some episodes don't you? I know. I know. I have a ton of things on my plate right now, but I'm looking to get this show really going. This week I am hoping to have an episode of E-Devs up for those who enjoyed the first one as it is nearly finished and next week I'm working on a super secret video for a contest, because winning money would be awesome right now. I will try really hard to fit in getting this episode up though guys, I know you are being patient, but I need you to keep that patience for just a little longer. The biggest problem with going from working with the Escapist to myself is Time. I find myself doing more of the business aspect, then the creative aspect of the show so I'm also looking to do some expanding here too and get some other dudes on board.

Speaking of expanding and making a living off this show. BOOM T-Shirts. Now I know what your thinking "Rob, T-shirts are lame, sell something else", but you are wrong my friend. You see on the Escapist, they never really asked for my input on there shirts. The Canadian Lumber one was awesome, but the other two.. ehh. But MAN this shirt were working on is gonna be HELLA sweet. Roamin from the podcast is even going to model it for me. I'm gonna do preorders (OH GOD THE P WORD) for it later this month once everything is final but MAN. I can't wait for you dudes to see this shirt. Hey you fans that came to expo. YOU BETTER come in one of these shirts next year, you'll need a red helmet, a hammer, and a belt with a penis on it to go with this awesome shirt.

Oh and DVDs! All the preorders have be finished for awhile now (Except for that one gal who knows who she is and ordered a bajillion of them, there coming this week dollface), if you didn't get your DVD, or something was wrong with it. Please throw me an email. Sometimes I don't get back to you, but I just reminding people that they SHOULD have them by now. If you don't EMAIL ME. For those looking to by a sweet DVD and help out the show (God I have debts to pay off, I'm an internet business dude!), they will be up later this week, there will be a small little ad for you. Go get one!

MAN Podcasts. You guys can thank Roamin for these. He worked his butt off to get me and Gaary to finally sit down and do some. So will have a new one every Wednesday here. We did six of them so theres a lot coming out. I believe the topics we did were
  • Worst People to be Stuck on an Island With
  • Best "characters" to Protect you from everything and anything
  • Worst Ways to Die
  • Top Three people you want to Fight
  • Top three Worst Jobs
  • A Debate on who amongst us is the most Racist (For some reason Roamin tries to win?)
Yeah they were all pretty good. One is even up ALREADY. Like I tell some people, Urealms, the Podcast and even E-Devs are not exactly made for the same types of people. A lot of people get all angry when I do one and not the other. In the future, hopefully I can get some help and just end up doing all three all the time!

I *Think* that is it though! Oh we have Facebook and Twitter stuff too. People keep telling me they always forget about the site to come check out our stuff so hopefully those social media outlets will help fix that! Anyway, high fives.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The first episode of our new E-Devs show is out! Make sure to check it out and LIKE/COMMENT with the new facebook thing I am trying out! Also Unforgotten Realms 49? Before the end of the month!

Things are getting better and better around here. We finished the first episode of E-Devs this week and I been working hard on some Unforgotten Realms stuff. It's been a long time since I had to draw so many things for UR. Typically you might see a reskined character or some sets "changed" a little, but never really made from scratch. I typically limit myself to only a days worth of drawing a week, but episode 49 here requires more art then almost all of Unforgotten Realms put together. You are going to see a LOT of new characters and Moon Well pass is gonna be pretty bitchin. I'm also trying out something "Different" for this next episode that some of you will love and some of you will tell me what a waste of an episode it was!

Back onto E-Devs though, a LOT of people have asked me if this show will effect Unforgotten Realms. Of course it will, but Unforgotten Realms just isn't enough anymore and I can do an episode of each or even two E-Devs episodes and a UR in the same time I can do a UR. That being said, you should still expect two or three episodes of UR a month here on out. No promises, Unforgotten Realms is still my baby, but I do want to get this Season all finished up here.

DVDs. Yeah remember those puppies? If you haven't received your DVD yet or even an email about it. Expect it by the end of the month. If you haven't received an Email about your DVD, email me at the end of the month here. The last couple hundred are going out over this week, early and late next week so every DVD will have been sent out. I talk about DVDs again, because I have had huge interest via email for people wanting to support the show and purchase a DVD! Totally awesome and late next month or early August, i'll be ready to sell them (and ship them without a 6 month wait!) when you buy them! Oh man, it will be like a REAL business then! Super sweet right?

Anyway, the last thing I want to mention is FAN EXPO in Toronto, Ontario. I am planning on heading to it (It's at the end of August), but nothing is final yet! The dudes still have to expect my application, but if any of you were thinking of heading there this year I thought I'd just give that quick shout out. If I am going, be sure to watch out for Roamin the Paladin to let you dudes know I'm going! Thats all for now, enjoy the new show!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

E-Devs Trailer and New episode this Friday

I haven't been dead, just busy. Real life, E-Life, Fake Life and No Life have been eatting all my time, but fear not as July is shaping up to be a better month! A new episode of Unforgotten Realms this Friday and a new Trailer for a show coming "Soon".

June sucked. It sucked hard. July will be better though. I have a couple cool things coming out including the Wiki (which 90% of you won't care about, but the other 10% can nerdgasim over the reading content I been working on), the first episode of E-Devs (which 50% of you will like so much you'll want me to make that instead of Unforgotten Realms, and at least two, maybe even a third episode sometime this month (Which all of you care about even the ones who recently didn't want!)

Did I mention June sucked? Seriously, fans are great company until they think you have abandoned them. I don't make updates, if there is nothing to say. I'm nearing the end of DVD hell, so if your waiting, keep waiting! Unforgotten Realms has not been something I have had time for and while you dudes are sweet fans, this site is currently not balancing my check book, so my time will be split for now. My current wife Krysta, yes that is a joke, is helping me out with this new show. The art style and a lot of the animation will be done by her, which means it won't eat too much into my Unforgotten Realms time.

Also GROUNDBOLDS. If you been lurking around the forums or even the Steam Group I don't really advertise anymore, I have been working on a small side project so my programming brain doesn't rot with all this non-game design business. It's a fancy little side project that I do server tests for every now and then. I have a thread going to make a level, which might be somewhat confusing if you haven't played the game, but if your interested in goofing off with MS paint I suggest you check it out.

Lastly, E-Devs trailer. Like I said it's a new show that essentially I am planing to release with an expansion the game is MAYBE not too obviously based around. WINK. However, we may release an episode or two before then so keep your eyes peeled gumshoes! Thats all for now, I'm sure I'm missing a lot of stuff, but oh well!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Time is Money Friend

Hey Rob wheres Episode 48? Look dudes I know, over the last month everything that could take me away from the show has taken me away from the show. Episode 48 has been finished outside of editing and uploading for the last two weeks here, but I have been just unable to find a couple hours to finish it off!

I'm currently applying to a couple jobs, non Unforgotten Realms based. These jobs are jobs I will not get hired for and are long shots, but while I wanna put myself out there just in case I am indeed super Awesome instead of just plain awesome. Also you know that DVD I been shipping? Yeah a couple weeks ago I sent out a good 30 or so where the first DVD was blank. Man, that really sucks because and eats up more of my time. Like I said before if you haven't got your DVD and are fed up waiting, throw me an email else keep waiting! It's really hard to tell how "Far" I am in, because I keep sending DVDs to people out of order.

Oh man and the forums! Godaddy you guys are terrible! Seriously, the forums have been hacked with malware over a dozen times in the last month. Like. I mean a DOZEN. Like every other day for a week there, boom redirects the website to malware and when I blame Godaddy, I really, really, really blame godaddy. It wasn't just my little site. Thousands of sites hosted on there service were attacked. I'm in the midst of moving to another host, but alas that requires more time I don't have.

I have been answering questions via this new social networking thing. It has to be the first Social Network thing I have found that is really "useful" as it lets me answer a ton of questions publicly really, really fast! If you have a question outside of WHENS THE NEXT EPISODE! Don't be afraid to ask!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New "Episode" This Friday!

May have noticed the small little promo! There has been a bit of confusion around the new "episodes" so I thought I'd make it CRYSTAL clear for people that new episodes would be coming out this weekend!

I'm going ahead an uploading the "Escapist" versions of episodes to the site. The ones that were made for the Escapist website and not for the urealms video player. I'll most likely go through and update them to the higher quality/new credits over the next month or so but I want to have all the episodes on the website so people can catch up before the show starts up again. I'll be working on that most of the day, so look for all the episodes to be up and ready soon enough here!