Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This will be my last blog post...

Yup.. that title is correct... this will be my last blog post gang...

Because the new site that hopefully should be up sometime this week will host the blog directly on it. If your heart skipped a beat, I apologize for the night late (or early morning?) troll. I just finished the intro I been putting off doing for a "newish" show called Two Player. Basically, me and Roamin had so much fun with the GRr Podcast magika specials that we said "Hey, lets just do more of this shit." Because it's so easy for the both of us to just play a game for a couple a hours, we already have months worth of podcasts.

In fact, if I was to stop and do nothing but put whats already uploaded and ready to be released, releasing one of these videos a day. Beaten Super Minecraft/Two Player, there would be silly video game movies to watch for months! I know a lot of you want the Unforgotten Realms more then anything and next week I should have an episode out for you guys assuming I get the website out this week which I am working my butt off to do. The first episode of me and Roamins "Two Player" show will be out later today once KillerKitten {soon to name change to Sugar on the forums} is done updating the site, it's honestly a lot of fun and we play a classic of all classics.

So as I mentioned on the soon to be Read Only forums as will have a new forums coming with the site again, I have a sort of "Community" project in the mix I'm gonna throw out there for those of you who read the blog. While animating some stuff for Unforgotten Realms a couple weeks back, I started watching the YogCast. Basically, these guys do a bunch of video game podcasts but gained a ton of popularity ever since there minecraft movies. Essentially they made a couple movies about them exploring minecraft and slowly turned it into this show where two guys who aren't roleplaying are in a roleplaying world. I absolutely loved it because it screams the Rob character and Unforgotten Realms to me.

While talking to Roamin about this, we somehow stumbled on the idea of playing Dungeons and Dragons in Minecraft. Like any big D&D fan who plays MMOs, me and Roamin were VERY EXCITED when 4.0 first came out and they started talking about this "Live" table to play with. Me and Roamin live as far away as we pretty much possibly can in North America, so this live table was huge for us. I remember even back then we were making plans to record our sessions of D&D for internet videos and this was back before the Unforgotten Realms reboots I believe. So when the light bulb of Minecraft+D&D came on, it came on really bright. I will be DMing the games and we won't be playing a "real" form of D&D to deal with balance issues, gameplay and the overall entertainment of it, but it will be in the spirit of it! Our players will be Roamin, Gaary, and the soon to be introduced Shay who will be our token girl in the D&D game, because I figured the only thing better then Roamin and Gaary is to give them someone to harass.

As this game will be built in minecraft, I'll need the help of the community to prebuild the world and dungeons. Will be having some "Build" days where I'll open up a server and ventrillo to those who sign up in advance and are interested in helping prepare the world for our three adventurers to explore. I'm super excited and it's going to be a lot of fun so when the new site comes out make sure you watch the NEW blog and NEW forums!

High five guys.

PS: The goal of the new site is to not only release something every single day of the week, but even moreso then that. Right now I'm getting to the point where we have too much stuff and I wanna put out some different videos every day if possible, because of this the current site design isn't really setup to showcase a bunch of videos in the small boxes really.


  1. I really don't want to sound like a dick, but all I read from this is... basically you don't like animating URealms and want to sit around playing DnD with your friends instead, but don't want to lose your fanbase... so you take advantage of them as slave labour and get them to build you a minecraft world for you and your mates to play in and post videos of it to keep them quiet while you play minecraft and DnD instead of finishing the story they've all been waiting so very long and patiently to watch? I love URealms Rob, but it seems lately you've been forgetting the reason why you have these fans in the first place. Before you decide I'm one of those unhelpful folk you could do without - we have 2 copies of the URealms DVD here because wanted to help you finish the series. I'm happy that you're doing so, but it would be cool if you'd stop waving it in our faces that you're spending so much time playing games instead of making it.

  2. Hey Rob, AWESOME STUFF :)

    I'm really glad to see that your fighting spirit is shining through in that post. You should do exactly what you feel interested in doing, so good luck and may WittyWizard prosper :)

  3. townk2001, did you notice what was put up this past week? It's an episode of URealms. As Rob once said, saying that you 'don't want to sound like a dick' doesn't excuse you from being one.

    I actually love the other random videos being made as much if not MORE than the URealms episodes, mainly because I love Let's Plays (I watch them all the time) and I find the three of you to be hilarious, hence the love of the GRr Podcast. Keep it up! I'm happy that you're upgrading to a new site and providing more content!

  4. I would love to help out with the minecraft, hell I'll build the whole bloody thing as long as we get to see these videos. How should we contact you/sign up to be a full time builder? By the way I'm a huge LOZ fan HUGE and was overjoyed to see your minecraft skin. Kinda out of order, go two sentances backwards for the important bit.

  5. townk2001 look at this way, a really funny group of guys with a lot of talent and great content have been in hiatus for a while. Now there back promising loads of new hilarious content and shows made for you, the fan. Also a new site and a new community on top of promising more Urealms. And your complaining?

    We'll your entitled to your opinion but rob has my pick axe in building a minecraft D&D world.

  6. sadly school will get int the way of me helping but i wish i could
    dont listen to the first coment becaus he is in fact a dick
    everyone i know will be very pleased to hear about this every day thing
    iv seen all these vids and they are all amazing so keep it up

  7. townk2001 - troll

    Anyways, I am looking forward to your new content and concepts for the Minecraft Dungeon and Dragons. As well, I also like how you're going to allow the community of unforgotten realms to assist in the creation of the Minecraft world for exploration. This is by far an awesome way to allow interaction with the community. As long as there is a forum post you have our support 100%.

    As for the new website, I look forward to seeing what you have a created. Goodluck.

    - Eubo

  8. nice one rob :D cant wait for the D&D minecraft thing. it would be awesome to help you build the worlds. also cant wait for new urealms episodes! FTW!

  9. can't wait. also, i assume the sign up for minecraft builder is on the new site?

  10. Really hope you at least think about getting some new URealms stuff out. Fucking love that shit.

    Also, is the new website google/blogger friendly?