Saturday, June 5, 2010

Time is Money Friend

Hey Rob wheres Episode 48? Look dudes I know, over the last month everything that could take me away from the show has taken me away from the show. Episode 48 has been finished outside of editing and uploading for the last two weeks here, but I have been just unable to find a couple hours to finish it off!

I'm currently applying to a couple jobs, non Unforgotten Realms based. These jobs are jobs I will not get hired for and are long shots, but while I wanna put myself out there just in case I am indeed super Awesome instead of just plain awesome. Also you know that DVD I been shipping? Yeah a couple weeks ago I sent out a good 30 or so where the first DVD was blank. Man, that really sucks because and eats up more of my time. Like I said before if you haven't got your DVD and are fed up waiting, throw me an email else keep waiting! It's really hard to tell how "Far" I am in, because I keep sending DVDs to people out of order.

Oh man and the forums! Godaddy you guys are terrible! Seriously, the forums have been hacked with malware over a dozen times in the last month. Like. I mean a DOZEN. Like every other day for a week there, boom redirects the website to malware and when I blame Godaddy, I really, really, really blame godaddy. It wasn't just my little site. Thousands of sites hosted on there service were attacked. I'm in the midst of moving to another host, but alas that requires more time I don't have.

I have been answering questions via this new social networking thing. It has to be the first Social Network thing I have found that is really "useful" as it lets me answer a ton of questions publicly really, really fast! If you have a question outside of WHENS THE NEXT EPISODE! Don't be afraid to ask!