Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New "Episode" This Friday!

May have noticed the small little promo! There has been a bit of confusion around the new "episodes" so I thought I'd make it CRYSTAL clear for people that new episodes would be coming out this weekend!

I'm going ahead an uploading the "Escapist" versions of episodes to the site. The ones that were made for the Escapist website and not for the urealms video player. I'll most likely go through and update them to the higher quality/new credits over the next month or so but I want to have all the episodes on the website so people can catch up before the show starts up again. I'll be working on that most of the day, so look for all the episodes to be up and ready soon enough here!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A lot of people (and by a lot I mean like three cry babies) were a bit disapointed that the Episode they got last week (and this week by the way) wasn't a continuation on the story of Unforgotten Realms. I'm not really sure why because all I ever hear is "More Carl! More Roamin! More Timmy!" and when I finnally do an an entire cartoon about them people complain! Sigh.

So this week I upload a small video to Youtube of a Starcraft 2 map me and my buddy Ziros are working on and it gets mixed reviews. I say mixed because some of the people who "didn't" like it, didn't like it not because of what they watched but because it wasn't an episode of Unforgotten Realms or a new World of Warcraft cartoon. Really guys? I even had a couple morons say things like "Wow you upload this piece of crap but not the episode you promised us". Like seriously? I don't recall saying I would EVER upload new episodes to Youtube. Youtube is an embarrassment to humanity. Like lots of people joke about how stupid people on Youtube are, but it isn't a joke. They are seriously retarded. There are people, who do not know there are other websites on the Internet. They have Youtube as their homepage and do not understand there are other places to go visit. It's sad.

My week has been pretty crappy besides that whole ordeal. Over the weekend, all the godaddy servers got hacked and even urealms was infected. I had to go through and spend my entire day fixing their terrible secruity error because a dangerous popup was going crazy on the forums. Not cool and just when I thought that wasn't enough my machine that labels the DVDs is angry at me. Shoot that reminds me I forgot to ask about the price cost of labeling DVDs at staples. Oh well, I'll call them tomorrow. Thanks for reminding me internet blog.

Speaking of DVDs. A lot and I mean a lot have not been mailed out. I'm not sure what else to say at this point but, sorry and really sorry. If you are super pissed at me, email me. Honestly, the order in which I have been mailing them has been "Who is the most angry at me and needs a DVD to stop being so angry". I know. It sucks. To everyone of you who has never even sent me a peep about the DVD and has just waited patiently. You are awesome. I won't be selling any more DVDs until all these are done, so don't worry I haven't forgotten about you.

So besides all that stuff going on. I'm doing "OK". Unforgotten Realms, hasn't sold nearly as many DVDs as I needed it too, but at this point thats a good thing as the DVDs were killing my life force to do anything creative. I will never, ever, ever do preorders again. Mind you the only reason I did so was because I was in a bad money situation, but if that sort of thing happens again (and it just very well might!). I think next time, i'll juggle around a part time job instead since thats what the DVD ended up feeling like. I'm excited about finished up this season, I'm excited to fully work for myself and I'm excited to have some new stuff on the horizon for this year but thats all for now. Do me a favor and watch the show and pass it along to friends and family and such!

PS: To you Bloggers and more directly to Blogger Matt, you guys really, really, really need to either stop being fans or cut me slack. If your intentions are to take my work, shit all over it and make me quit, the please continue to insult me. I said Unforgotten Realms is back April 30th. I released an episode of Unforgotten Realms on the 30th. You then, disappointed by your ability to find the episode on the front page and the fact it wasn't a numbered episode of the show, then insult me. If you are a fan, act like one. If you are a customer, cancel your order and take your money back. The dvd was meant for fans and I obviously didn't make that clear. You guys seriously, seriously, seriously kill my desire to do all this work.