Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A lot of people (and by a lot I mean like three cry babies) were a bit disapointed that the Episode they got last week (and this week by the way) wasn't a continuation on the story of Unforgotten Realms. I'm not really sure why because all I ever hear is "More Carl! More Roamin! More Timmy!" and when I finnally do an an entire cartoon about them people complain! Sigh.

So this week I upload a small video to Youtube of a Starcraft 2 map me and my buddy Ziros are working on and it gets mixed reviews. I say mixed because some of the people who "didn't" like it, didn't like it not because of what they watched but because it wasn't an episode of Unforgotten Realms or a new World of Warcraft cartoon. Really guys? I even had a couple morons say things like "Wow you upload this piece of crap but not the episode you promised us". Like seriously? I don't recall saying I would EVER upload new episodes to Youtube. Youtube is an embarrassment to humanity. Like lots of people joke about how stupid people on Youtube are, but it isn't a joke. They are seriously retarded. There are people, who do not know there are other websites on the Internet. They have Youtube as their homepage and do not understand there are other places to go visit. It's sad.

My week has been pretty crappy besides that whole ordeal. Over the weekend, all the godaddy servers got hacked and even urealms was infected. I had to go through and spend my entire day fixing their terrible secruity error because a dangerous popup was going crazy on the forums. Not cool and just when I thought that wasn't enough my machine that labels the DVDs is angry at me. Shoot that reminds me I forgot to ask about the price cost of labeling DVDs at staples. Oh well, I'll call them tomorrow. Thanks for reminding me internet blog.

Speaking of DVDs. A lot and I mean a lot have not been mailed out. I'm not sure what else to say at this point but, sorry and really sorry. If you are super pissed at me, email me. Honestly, the order in which I have been mailing them has been "Who is the most angry at me and needs a DVD to stop being so angry". I know. It sucks. To everyone of you who has never even sent me a peep about the DVD and has just waited patiently. You are awesome. I won't be selling any more DVDs until all these are done, so don't worry I haven't forgotten about you.

So besides all that stuff going on. I'm doing "OK". Unforgotten Realms, hasn't sold nearly as many DVDs as I needed it too, but at this point thats a good thing as the DVDs were killing my life force to do anything creative. I will never, ever, ever do preorders again. Mind you the only reason I did so was because I was in a bad money situation, but if that sort of thing happens again (and it just very well might!). I think next time, i'll juggle around a part time job instead since thats what the DVD ended up feeling like. I'm excited about finished up this season, I'm excited to fully work for myself and I'm excited to have some new stuff on the horizon for this year but thats all for now. Do me a favor and watch the show and pass it along to friends and family and such!

PS: To you Bloggers and more directly to Blogger Matt, you guys really, really, really need to either stop being fans or cut me slack. If your intentions are to take my work, shit all over it and make me quit, the please continue to insult me. I said Unforgotten Realms is back April 30th. I released an episode of Unforgotten Realms on the 30th. You then, disappointed by your ability to find the episode on the front page and the fact it wasn't a numbered episode of the show, then insult me. If you are a fan, act like one. If you are a customer, cancel your order and take your money back. The dvd was meant for fans and I obviously didn't make that clear. You guys seriously, seriously, seriously kill my desire to do all this work.


  1. Well hopefully everything turns out good in the end! Whenever you do open up orders again for the DVD, as much as you probably hate to hear it, you'll have to label one for me too :P

    Whenever you get stuff taken care of, should take it easy for a bit! Nothing like spending a Saturday sleeping till 6pm :P

    Anyway, thanks for the update sir.

  2. Hey Rob,

    What you go through to appease the mass of fans, even knowing some are ungrateful, is nothing short of heroic with a side of crazy. I appreciate all you do for UR fans all around.

    I know that you know I have emailed you a couple of times in regards to my DVD order. I will admit I have gotten a little frustrated with the whole thing. I mean I did order on day one and have yet to receive anything. I appreciate you emailing me back the first time, and you told me you were going to mail mine out the next time you got to the post office, but that was two weeks ago. I have since sent two more emails to you with no response.

    And let me make it clear I am not mad at you and I don't want a refund. After all this is $40 I spent in October. If I haven't needed it now, then I don't think I'm missing it. I would just like to see the payoff for it IE get the DVD in my hands.

    Again, as a UR fan I appreciate all the hard work you put into this wonderful show. And I can't wait to get my hands on the DVD.


  3. Dude. I loved that UR special and I had no problem waiting for the episode, even if it took a week or more. Why? You got a lot of stuff on your plate already and trying to get these DVD's out as quickly as possible has obviously taken up your time. If it was even anything else I still would've waited with patience and an understanding of what's going on with ya. At least you actually put something out to please the ones that waited for an episode. Sure it wasn't an episode but was it better than to not have anything at all at the time? Keep rocking man and ignore the ass fans.

  4. tbh rob if i were you id have given up by now. Id be sick of the ungrateful S.O.Bs who dont give thanks that you have been really busy and still find the time to post a really good episode of urealms mad respect for you dude you put up with alot of shit from us and i really think your show should be pay per view if you ever run out of money cause i for one would pay for it

  5. I don't know much about fans. I do know that is there are douche bags out there who think that you're their own personal entertainment who has no life besides Urealms, they aren't fans. They are whiny little delusional idiots. Don't let them get to you. Stay Golden, Pony Boy!

  6. Dude, I'm sorry you have to go through all this shit. Keep up the good stuff!

  7. Your work is fantastic, and I wish I had your patience to work on something for so long despite detractors. I don't have the courage to just put myself into something and give it everything I have. Not to be fangirl-y but your cartoons and other works are an inspiration, something I think about when working a grueling 9 to 5 job that feels like it's going no where. So thank you!

    (Someday I hope to have two cents to rub together to buy your DVD, but for now 2 meals a day is a stretch!)

  8. all i can say about the new episode is KOBOOOLLLLD, it was another amazing special, i love the kobolds. its a shame about all the morons and trolls that feel the need to make everyone feel inadequate to make themselves feel big and like their actually worth something, ignore these morons your fan base is huge, people love your work and look forwards to seeing the next amazing episode/comic/GRR, so dont let them bring you down. much love <3

  9. Rob, make sure you read through all these positive comments :)

    I've been waiting for my DVD since beginning of November and tbh I can wait as long as you keep me updated on your progress like you did above! If you told me now that I'd have to wait another two months for my DVD, then that'd be cool. As long as I'm kept somewhat updated :)

  10. I have to admit I'm a bit two sided on this. On one hand, the DVD thing doesn't bother me, technical difficulties happen, I don't think the people who say 'hey I was promised a date and didn't get it' ask for their money back, that doesn't bother me, I think that's just fair business practice. I don't think they should yell at Rob for the tech difficulties, but just be honest, in that they were upset about the cake err, date being a lie. About the video, while it's an unforgotten realms universe episode, it was kind of in left field, and on the blog and the main page link that yelled UNFORGOTTEN REALMS STARTS APRIL 30th, little was said about what that meant. The forum said they wouldn't be full episodes but more kind of...side-a-sodes? Not a real word but I'm going with it. Clarity there would have been better, but hey, I get the same kind of thing from Blizzard every other week, announcements that aren't false, but not quite true either. The other side of the coin is, it's good work, it was funny, it made me giggle, there've been semi-regular updates telling us what's going on, and that's -good- practice, it wasn't like he took the money for the dvd's, then just never said anything, it was 'they'll be delayed, if that's an issue, poke me' basically. So um, yeah, people asking for money back doesn't bother me, people being rude suck. People being disappointed with the Unforgotten Realms episode, I understand just because it was vague, but in the end they still suck. The getting mad at a starcraft youtube upload? That just makes my brain hurt and lowers my faith in humanity even further. TEXTWALLED....the end.

  11. I personally loved the new episode. In my opinion, there can never be enough Kobold. More Roamin and Gary wasn't bad either. I don't see why people have the right to complain considering the fact that you are providing them with free entertainment.

  12. WARNING: Everyone ignore silent spark.

    Thanks a lot. I love the show unlike Silent Spark. I'm only gonna say this once. There are younger fans so if you don't have something nice to say don't say it at all.

  13. The new episode was great and any kids who think it sucked because it wasn't a continuation of the series should go suck a big one. How can Unforgotten Realms continue if our beloved main character is at summer camp?

  14. all those ppl who think that the new episodes suck you suck this person put hard work into this there are other things than the episodes the are specials podcast and a comic you cant be patient enough to even wait what are y'all 5 year olds having a temper tantrum just calm down the mans work to do the DVD s and stuff so just shut the heck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. A good animation is like good sex... you gotta take your time ;)

    Besides... Us REAL fans appreciate all the hard work you put into each and every episode.

    Keep up the good work!

  16. People stop arguing about all of this about"Us being customers"You realize this is his job and he needs money...grow up this is how he lives not some teenager's side project from school and if you idiots ever had a job you would understand that customers always act like they are better because they think that for no reason he works hard for this and to you Matt,if you ever worked you would understand him calling people cry babies and retards.

  17. Don't what the negative people are saying :P There will always be a mix of positive and negative, you just gotta stay positive because there are ALOT of people who are proud of what you are doing!, also can i see a link to this starcraft video?? STARCRAFT 2! IS COMING OUT JUNE! :D:D:D

  18. Speaking as someone who greatly enjoys both online and table top gaming in moderation I don't see what the fuss is about.

    I really enjoy everything on Urealms. It's worth the wait to get a good laugh here and there.

    As far as the DvD goes, meh, shit happens. It's not like you said "give me money and get your DvD over night" no it was a PRE-ORDER. Which is paying before it's actually ready for shipping. If that bothers you ask for a refund and wait for the problems to be worked out and re-order it.

    The people who are complaining about the "mini-sodes" not having effect on the plot have clearly not been paying attention to the plot. It's a fun little animation about people playing Unforgotten realms. The show has shown this time and time again by drastically changing it's "objective" like a real game of DnD. Yea Roamin and Gary buying a frosty might not be directly related to the plot but it's still funny and not that far off from what they'd probably be doing in a normal episode anyway.

    Oh well, my point is just that there is really no reason for people to complain. There's no charge to watch the episodes and there are other things out there, if you don't like what Rob is doing then go somewhere else.

  19. Reading this really makes me regret not buying a DVD when I had the chance. I really love the show but just didn't have the $30 to fork over at the time. It also makes me wish I had a personal blog so I could shit all over the assholes that shit all over this great show. It really is amazing and I think I speak for nearly everyone who watches the show when I say "Thank you for dedicating so much of your life to producing this great show for the enjoyment of the fans." And the next time DVDs are available for purchase, I'll be first in line!

  20. Please keep doing what you are doing. My husband and I have watched UR several times, and laugh every single time. We've found ourselves bringing Sir Schmoopy quotes into daily conversation. Please continue with making this awesome show and forget about those selfish idiots who don't understand your creative process. We honestly don't care about story lines or continuity. Your show is awesome, it doesn't need those things. Thanks for keeping our mundane lives entertained. We look forward to see what comes next.

  21. Matt I'm glad there are people out there who share my opinions, I didn't personally order a DVD and wouldn't be too cross at it being held back... and back.. but anyway I share your main problem of the insults, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar after all, it makes the wrong impression whining about "Cry babies" and such in every blog, makes you wonder if they have a point or if Rob just likes to insult people.

  22. well dude keep up the good work you do a helluva job i would like to see more WoW episodes but what the hell these are awesome too and damnit if you dont wanna do something dont let these tardbags make you have a great one .

  23. It's more like there was a lot of confusion from your last blog post.

  24. I'm going to go ahead and delete Matt's comments here and i'll explain why.

    Matt, and to a less extent Ashley, you two are way off base. The cry babies I am refering too are on Youtube, which is why I made a separate little comment for you at the bottom of the post. Would you like to read some of the comments on a video I uploaded this week?

    so you can upload this garbage but not the promised UR episode that was due a couple days ago?

    tiocoolj Block User man
    what happend to urealms???


    These are some of the tame ones, anything worse then that and I removed them. Also these were posted 3 or more days after the Lunch Break episode. Some of my fans, are indeed retarded.

    When you deal with people on the internet, you have a couple choices. You can treat them all like human beings, but if you do you will go mad. OR You can treat them all like retarded little children, and when they do well you give them gold stars and they smile.

    9 out of 10 people I have to talk to are retarded. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm not trying to be an asshole but something happens when you give people a computer and the internet that makes their head explode. Sometimes they are just purposely being morons, sometimes they don't realize they are being morons but most of them are morons.

    Matt obviously loves this show to death. The dude will write a novel on my blog and without reading it that tells me right off the bat he is upset and just wants his urealms fix. The problem is, when you have a huge population of retarded people reading matts post, they then take what he said to heart. If Matt made a post that said I was secretly the 1998 Clown Murderer of Detroit who is now lose on the internet seeking out other Clowns to Murder, people would believe him. They would tell their friends about Rob the Clown Murderer, they would make websites to build awareness to my clown murdering and some of them would in fact go murder clowns to become more like myself.

    People are retarded on the internet.

    It's great. Absolutely great. To have fans who love this show to death like Matt obviously does, but I really need them to be a little self righteous and a little more understanding and know when I slap a little thing at the end of a URealms cartoon about how my fans are in fact retarded, he's not one of those fans. He can say to himself. I'm not one of these retards obviously because he isn't.

    And sadly, I have met the Matt fan before. The one who cares so much about this show that when it starts to let him down, when I start to let him down, he resents it and lashes out. All I ask is he chills out and stops trying to hold me to my word. There are not any false promises from me anymore, because I don't promise shit and I won't ever promise anything because I can't because of fans like Matt who get disappointed so easily.

    So Matt or fans like Matt. You guys really need to chill out and understand this is still just a one man show, job or no job. When I'm a millionaire answering emails in my private mansion that has it's own BATCAVE, by all means, I shouldn't have an excuse for some late DVDs but until then, this is a job that requires me to work seven days a week, 12 hours a day and is still requires me to borrow money from my family in hopes that maybe it will start to float on it's own.

    So take the wall of text and your love for the show and relax because like I said, you kill my drive to work on this and well this took almost 30 minutes I could have spent elseware!

  25. i just wanted to say that i found your videos on escapist and literally watched it beginning to end all day. keep it up man, i think its an awesome show.

  26. Hey Rob,

    read your post and I just wanted to say that I thought BOTH the Roamin special AND episode 47 were AWESOME!!!! It felt really, really, REALLY great to see some new episodes again! I seriously think you still got it, and that you are awesome as ever! Looking forward to lots of wonderfull new episodes and just so you know; whenever I hear that awesome thememusic I'm already in the mood for you great series! Keep up the work man, since its already really good!

    ^^ Loyal fan!

  27. Don't stop, your on my list of things I check! Its hard to find things that constantly have your level of dedication.

  28. I think your awesome Rob if they are being ungrateful you just need to relax and ignore them Btw your vids are awesome i dont care when it comes out just as long as i know your not annoyed

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