Monday, April 5, 2010

Unforgotten Realms Returns April 30th

Long time right? Now that it's finally over and all thats left is mailing the DVDs (which trust me isn't as instantnous as people think). Let me know tell you the story about how much I hate the acronym DVD.

First off, if your DVD has not shipped. Don't panic. It simply means I'm mailing it sometime this month based on when you order it. If you are a furious person who is super angry at me, send me a threatening email and I'm sure that will speed up the process (Just kidding it really, really won't). At this stage I am literally just driving to the post officer a couple times a week mailing these things. Mind you when your talking about hundreds of DVDs that have to be packed, labeled, mailed one by one. It DOES take some time so please, just wait before sending me an angry email.

But how about a story time. A story of a DVD that was suppose to be released back late November is just now shipping in April.

It all started when I left the Escapist. People ask me why I left the Escapist or like to claim I was somehow fired or terminated or something silly. Trust me thats not the case. I don't want to rag on the Escapist because they are really good guys but they were simply not able to support the show anymore and I didn't have any options that were "Keep making Episodes" I had, build a DVD and keep working on the show or quit Unforgotten all together and pursue another career. So the emails, the PMs, the troll threads that I somehow just abandoned the show kinda sting guys because the sacrifices I have made and I have forced my wife to make should really not be taken lightly. Did you know Unforgotten Realms could have been on TV here in Canada? I chose back mid last year however to stay with the Escapist because I believe the Internet is a much better platform. People crying scam, scam, and the time I have had to waste dealing with people who think I'm stealing forty bucks from them really kicks me when I'm down here.

But enough about the DVD. Unforgotten Realms, the comic, the podcast. Will all be coming back up starting on the 26th. I might even have a preview for a new show I have been working on, but I don't like making promises. However, I will promise you that Unforgotten Realms shall continue on the 30th. So high five for that! These weeks moving up to it will give me some more time to get another episode or two ahead and some site/forum maintenance that I have been seriously putting off. Although I can tell already that I am going to be sick of driving to the post office by the end of the month, thats for sure.