Monday, February 21, 2011

Tons of stuff this week, next week and so forth.

New Unforgotten Realms this friday as well as some special GRR Podcasts and Minecraft? Oh boy lots of content incoming.

But before I talk about that lets go over some viewer mail.

"Dear Rob,

You have released any episodes. I hate you and you family.

Signed Lots of People"

Emails like there came in by the truck load over the last couple months. Heres the jist of what happened. I finished the most recent episode, some friendly dudes wanted to buy the show, said friendly dudes backed out after I put a bunch of work into new episodes, Holidays came. I mean I have no idea why I havn't released any of the content I made before Christmas in the last month in a half, but time was just slipping through my fingers and things I needed to do first just kept coming up.

Okay so Minecraft. So about two weekends ago, I decided to try out some single player minecraft, as I explain in the first episode, I have never played single player and I decided to play it with some hardcore style mods enabled. For some reason I also decided to record it encase things turned out amazing and they turned out amazing. After two nights of playing, I had basically 12 hours of footage. What the hell do I do with 12 hours of footage? Most of it being hilarious? Well because of filesize limitations on websites like blip and youtube, episodes really can't be longer then 30 minutes without hurting quality so every Monday and Tuesday will be doing Minecraft episodes! For a long time! Let me know if you dudes like this sort of stuff and I'll make it something to do for as long as it's fun.

And then Roamin and Gaary decided last weekend that we should play some video games and when playing video games I should record them. Me and Roamin went through and found so much hilarious stuff to play we recorded a beat em up game called Cadillacs and Dinosaurs which was awesome, but the first set of GRR Gaming Podcasts will be throwing up is us playing Magika. I know, I know, a bunch of british dudes (Who are awesome) just did this and honestly after seeing that video it was Gaary who straight wanted to do the same thing, but in my defense I tried getting Roamin and Gaary to get the game day one. They just didn't think it was that cool until they found out we could kill each other.

So yeah. Episode 49 this Friday like I said. I should be releasing UR episodes up to the end of the season every Friday or other Friday, but sometimes these things just take time. A bunch of me and my buddies playing video games may help fill in some gaps for stuff you dudes can watch. Oh also theres a Roamin the Paladin T-Shirt in the store. I haven't really been advertising it yet, as I am waiting for stuff to pick up, but it's there if you want one!