Tuesday, July 6, 2010

E-Devs Trailer and New episode this Friday

I haven't been dead, just busy. Real life, E-Life, Fake Life and No Life have been eatting all my time, but fear not as July is shaping up to be a better month! A new episode of Unforgotten Realms this Friday and a new Trailer for a show coming "Soon".

June sucked. It sucked hard. July will be better though. I have a couple cool things coming out including the Wiki (which 90% of you won't care about, but the other 10% can nerdgasim over the reading content I been working on), the first episode of E-Devs (which 50% of you will like so much you'll want me to make that instead of Unforgotten Realms, and at least two, maybe even a third episode sometime this month (Which all of you care about even the ones who recently didn't want!)

Did I mention June sucked? Seriously, fans are great company until they think you have abandoned them. I don't make updates, if there is nothing to say. I'm nearing the end of DVD hell, so if your waiting, keep waiting! Unforgotten Realms has not been something I have had time for and while you dudes are sweet fans, this site is currently not balancing my check book, so my time will be split for now. My current wife Krysta, yes that is a joke, is helping me out with this new show. The art style and a lot of the animation will be done by her, which means it won't eat too much into my Unforgotten Realms time.

Also GROUNDBOLDS. If you been lurking around the forums or even the Steam Group I don't really advertise anymore, I have been working on a small side project so my programming brain doesn't rot with all this non-game design business. It's a fancy little side project that I do server tests for every now and then. I have a thread going to make a level, which might be somewhat confusing if you haven't played the game, but if your interested in goofing off with MS paint I suggest you check it out.

Lastly, E-Devs trailer. Like I said it's a new show that essentially I am planing to release with an expansion the game is MAYBE not too obviously based around. WINK. However, we may release an episode or two before then so keep your eyes peeled gumshoes! Thats all for now, I'm sure I'm missing a lot of stuff, but oh well!


  1. Nice cant wait for the new episode/trailer/show/wiki and whatever the hell you choose to grant us :) i know its stressful but keep it up youre doin great!(gawd i sound like my parents :/ sorry bout that but still you rock!)

  2. You Rock Rob,
    I have been checking the site every other day, and i accept your busy.

    Hell, i'm on holiday right now, but i started a comedy club, got a job and moved house.
    So yeah... busyness, i sypathise.

    Can't wait to see whatever you put out man :)

  3. Can't hardly wait!

    Keep the magic comming!

    Love the trailer for the new series (I smell another hit!).

  4. the art style looks like a fucking retard 13 year old autistic child drew it.

  5. That isn't a nice thing to say. And it's a bit redundant, like "Regicide is a dumb idiot"

    You should be lucky he's making these videos at all.

  6. Nice work Rob, keep it up :)

  7. rob i really wish you would keep up with deadlines you put up I mean what are you vgcats? I mean i am thankful that you're atleast doing the show but having my hopes dashed multiple times gets old fast...

  8. Then you'll stop being a fan? Then stop being a fan. I rather not have to deal with the tears some fans get when they don't understand that this stuff gets done when it's done. I don't rush it out the door to reach deadlines, because I don't have too.

  9. YAYAYAYAYAYYAYAY!!!! Thannk you very much Rob!

  10. look what arived !!!


  11. wait?
    2 DVDS ?


  12. Hey just thought i'd point out that on the episodes page it says that the newest episode is also episode 47. By no means am i complaining at all! I just thought it was kinda funny ;) Keep up the good work Rob! I've already got 4 of my friends hooked on this show :) Im also looking forward to E-Devs!

  13. Hey Rob, I thought I'd ask this here because I can't find the question page anymore, but I play WoW too, and i was just wondering if it would be cool to maybe pop a small advertisment of Urealms in trade chat everynow and then, just to get a larger fanbase?