Wednesday, November 4, 2009

UR Comics

Sorry the first one is coming out a bit late in the evening! I was a bit busy today and didn't have the time until tonight to get everything setup properly for the web comic. Future installments should be going up before I even wake up, thanks to some nifty new software. So, hopefully you guys are ready for the next chapter of Unforgotten Realms in Interactive comic form!

I meant to get this blog post up last night but I have just been completely out of it the past couple days. My real life is kicking the crap out of all the work I'm suppose to be doing, but I'll get it all together here over the weekend. While the comics were a sure-fire-100%-I-know-it's-absolutely-going-to-happen thing, there have been some changes with the Podcast and Live Stream shows. Some of you might be excited for this news and some of you might be disappointed, but I think a couple months from now everyone will like the changes being made.

Next Monday kicks off the new Live Stream show I'm doing on Mondays. Originally my idea was to simply play games with the fans, and host it live. Sometimes maybe play solo games, sometimes play some multi player for people to join in. While that idea sounds cool on paper,I currently don't have the resources to do it how I would like too. I can't stream my xbox or any consoles, and would be limited to just computer games. So I been thinking about it all week and I'm going to change the live show to something I would love to be able to do every Monday Night.

Work on Unforgotten Quest.

Game design is my true passion, and while I like making cartoons and such, it isn't a hobby anymore and some of the fun has been squeezed out. Mind you, writing cartoons is always entertaining, but recording the audio, mixing the audio, animating scenes, rendering scenes ... well, all of that can get pretty boring quickly sometimes. So I'm gonna do 'hit two birds with one stone' here and make it so Monday Night is a night where I live stream working on Unforgotten Quest. For some of you, it won't be all that interesting, but for others you'll get to see progress that's being made on the new game I have just started- and even be able to throw in your input. (Mind you I might listen to your input, but don't think this is a collaborated game. I don't write scripts that way and I sure as heck don't intend to design games that way!) Hopefully it will be a neat little fill for Mondays because it will give me that excuse every week to work on something I really want to see the light of day in the upcoming year.

The podcast, which also has some bad news/good news with it, is getting a complete make over. It will not be the Legendary Heroes Podcast, and will not feature Johnny. It was my fault to post and say Johnny would be back before everything was confirmed and podcasts were being made. Johnny and I want two different things out of the podcast and in the end neither of us could really come to an agreement on it, but don't worry because while one podcast might die off once and for all, here a new one and hopefully just as entertaining, if not more entertaining is about to be born. Most of the fans do not know that Roamin and Gaary are based off two people, those two people being Roamin and Gaary. These guys have been my Internet buddies for over five years, in fact it might even be closer to ten now. If you ever found the way Roamin and Gaary argue about the simplest of things to be hilarious then this new "currently unnamed" podcast will likely be the greatest thing you will ever watch in your life. More news on this one next week after we do the first recording of it.

All in all, some good news and some bad news. On the cartoon front, we are close to Cotswell, which means I don't need to go pick up a part time job and can finish up Unforgotten Realms Season Three after the New Years. Don't fret too much if that sounds like a long time as I have a couple other small cartoons planned for the holidays.


  1. I love you.

    I really appreciate all the work you do and I am really looking forward to whatever is posted on this site.

    You make people happier. Thank you.

  2. Really. Johny isn't coming back.
    I know you don't care what the fans say Rob, but I really do think you owe it to us to tell us whats going on here, and why he left twice. I'm getting really tired of this shit. think of my annoying negativity as you will, but this is starting not to be fun anymore.
    I'm still buying the dvd, but if this crap continues, I just don't know how much I will continue to commit.

  3. Wow... ummm, I don't know what to say. I was really lookin' forward to new Legendary Heroes. That really sucks that Johnny's gone again, Legendary Heroes was my favorite thing about the old site, and I was pretty damn excited to see that my favorite podcast would be returning. I don't think I'm going to be checking out the new podcast. I'm still going to buy the DVD, because you're a funny guy, and I support what you do, but if Johnny's not in the podcast, the podcast isn't worth my time. It's like you pulled the rug out from under us with that whole podcast announcement. Don't do that again.

    By the way, yes I know you don't HAVE to do any of this and you could just as easily not do a podcast or make UR or any of that, I'm very aware of all that, but I think that the people who were big fans of Legendary Heroes have every right to be annoyed by this. You pulled a sort of bait and switch on us, and that's just not cool.

  4. Ahhhhhhh! No.

    I really was excited that Johnny would return with the old podcasts, but if its not possible then so be it. Still if in anyway you could come to an agreement with him, I feel people would enjoy him more over Roamin and Gaary.

  5. Just wondering what is Unforgotten quests about

  6. hmmm cool as Rob everything here seems to be things that are going well are working with you in your favor and the things that are going wrong are simply out of your contro.

    on the up side this Unforgotten quests sounds intersesting and backing the question posted what is it about much curiosity has reached me about this but if its to do with unforgotten realms its deffinately me and my mates could get into it

  7. I'm sorry I was such an asshole but rob, can you please PLEASE at least have a goodbye podcast for Johnny. we never got to say bye, and I'd like to see his perspective in the situation.

  8. Oh, the comics are addorable, like little Twin Signa;-style chibis. ::heartbubbles::