Saturday, November 14, 2009

I will be a happy man when the DVD is done.

Another busy week here with tons of things going wrong! The comic was delayed, the podcast was released early and all the cases and DVDs got mailed to my moms house!

Yes everything seems to be against me this week. I was away from my computer Thrusday/Friday for some personal stuff and had my FTP program set to upload the cartoon at around noon on Thrusday. That somehow didn't work properly and I think it might have just been user error but it is sort of a bummer. Something else that totally did not work out this week was the Podcast for next week. I was putting a rough private version of the podcast onto Youtube to send to some people and although I know 100% I set that thing to "Private" it somehow managed to upload as "Public". Very, very annoying as I had to then deal with a bunch of angry fans upset I took it off youtube because they are clueless of this site and if it isn't on youtube they don't care. Sadface.

Besides all of THAT though, things are shaping up nicely. I will give fair warning here about the DVD though. I absoutely am refusing to cut stuff off of it so it will most likely get delayed in shipping by a week or two. This is only because the pre orders have been insane so far and I'm totally going to get backed up here. If you are planning on giving this DVD to someone for Christmas, throw me an email at rob @ and I can see what I can do to make sure you are on the first batch mailed out here. Hopefully everyone will get it by Christmas but for you guys overseas I really can't promise much as I have no idea what kind of time it's going to really take.

Alright then. This Monday is another live show, we got Two more comics coming up on Tuesday and Thrusday and the new podcast (The one without Johnny, stop emailing me because this isn't something I can change) will be out Wenesday. I will tell you guys right now that if you are looking for the same kind of show as Legendary Heroes, you might be disappointed, but with that said, if you are open minded and like to laugh then this new podcast will surely end up on your Wenesday night links.


  1. Sam T has that same problem with YouTube fans not coming to his main site. In fact, when he started loading his stuff onto youtube, 90% of the people who visited his forum started only visiting his Youtube page, lower quality & all.

    I'm planing to have my Ma get me the DVD for Xmas.

  2. I'm going to MAKE everyone I know (and that's a crap load of people who want to be cool like me and be into the same things as me) watch your videos on your ACTUAL website (not YouTube). I'm also going to put up links to it on every single website I'm a member of that allows me to. You're so hilarious. I totally love the voice acting you do, and I'm not sure how many compliments you get on that specific aspect of what you do... but I'm almost 100% positive that it doesn't occur as often as it should. Also, I am flash-challenged, so I am in awe of your talent in every sense. Unforgotten Realms is better than sex.

  3. iTunes is 404'ing your podcast when its attempted to be downloaded.

  4. holy crap.....ive been home alone recently.....which has been giving me alot of time to watch ur videos.........i just finished today and let me tell u....THEY'RE ALL FABULUS...which im shure is said all the time...any way keep up the good work

  5. So you're going to continue posting them here right?? I mean...this is the most hilarious clever and funny (which I know means the exact same thing as hilarious) thing I have seen in a long time. You need to keep making them. I almost cried when you said this would be the last episode in episode 46. Well...I guess that's all I have to say. By the way, for whomever commented right before me, you have spelling issues. :) Keep up the good work Rob!

  6. from a scale from 1 to 10 how mad would you be if some one was pirating your dvds