Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays

I tried super hard to get that DVD out for Christmas, but in the end it all came down to waiting for a shipment of DVDs to get here that just didn't. My expected arrival date went from late last month, to early this month, to middle of this month to the start of the New Year.

Sorry guys and gals trying to give this as a Christmas present but it was just out of my hands.

On another "Oh man thats lame" note, some of may notice that the episodes aren't working on the site. For whatever reason, the embeded players just simply don't work off Escapist anymore and this wasn't something I could fix before heading to my parents for the Holidays. When I get back, I'll be uploading all of Season One and some of Two, but alot of the material is still exclusivly owned by Escapist so I might not be able to get all the episodes on this site if the player they provide doesn't work.

Now for some good news, we are over 40% complete for Season 3 funding! This means when I get back and the DVDs get shipped here hopefully early into the New Year, I'll be set to start releasing episodes. Season Three SHOULD continue January 1st or around that date but don't hold your tongue just yet!

I'll be leaving pre-orders for the DVD until I know exactly when I'm able to ship and give anyone sitting on the fence about them a 48 hour warning before taking it down so don't worry about that vanishing as I some doing. I will around checking the forums and my email so if you have any questions, concerns, cancellations for my immense failure, please be sure to contact me.

Happy Holidays guys.