Monday, January 4, 2010

Back from the Break. Getting down to Business!

I'm back and busy working on Unforgotten Realms here! Next week will have the comics, podcast and UQ Dev show up and we are getting ever closer to the episodes starting back up again!

This DVD is turning out to be a nightmare on eating my time by the way. We are still in pre-order mode and will be until the first shipment is out, but some people are killing me with the emails. I sent out a big email right before Christmas about the delays and such, but I must have gotten 200 or so emails asking where there DVD is. If you didn't know, I'm waiting for a shipment of DVDs from the guys I ordered them to print them all off. I was suppose to get them at the start of December and now it's looking I'll get them sometime this month. You will know when I start sending out DVD, so don't worry!

The Escapist is just creating more and more work for me as well. It took a couple days to go through and copy/past/embed code from page to page for the 46 episodes using their player and then earlier this month it just stopped working. Great. I don't even have my own episodes on my site. I'm going through and uploading season one over the course of this week and I'm working on getting Season Two up as well.

I don't like giving exact dates because they setup for disappointment but from where I stand right now, we might be seeing Season three continue in February as long as there are no more delays. So sit back and relax while I finish up this DVD so we can move forward. Don't worry too much about future DVD, they won't take nearly as much time as the first one had me learning how to do a lot of stuff.


  1. Well robert, good luck with everything

    Hope the new epi's come quick =D

    UR changed my life (in a positive way) and i hope the new epi's will even be better

  2. the best way to set dates and have them not be dissapointments, is just make them really long, like i will ahve all the episodes up before January 14th 2042,or, the dvds will be out before Febuary 30th then you are just REALLY bad with procratinating if you don't do it :) anyways i love the videos, and i can't wait for more

  3. You're shit doesn't smell. Love Unforgotten Realm

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  5. When suppliers tell you your stuff has been delayed just reply "Okay... Okay... Okay... I'm going to cast a spell."

    Works for me.

  6. ~.~ I'm sure we all understand you can't devote all your time toward the site, but with so many delays it'd be nice to get an update on when we might be able to see some up-dates to the site.

    what I've grown acustumed to at my site is set a date two or three weeks after when I think I'm going to be finished to allow me extra time to work but also get a head start on the next video. While some users hate extended waits, they can't argue with the fact that we always meet our dead lines.