Monday, February 1, 2010

Very Slow Month with no change in sight!

I am on the BRINK of finishing up this DVD and moving on with everything else with the site. This puppy is just eating up my time. Right now the entire site is at a standstill as I try to get these puppies ready to ship.

The good news is while I may have had lots of delays with the DVD, other projects have been brewing quiet nicey. I have a dozen podcasts recorded with Roamin and Gaary, the game as some may have seen a couple weeks back has some cool prospects to it and hopefully I can get some more UQ Dev nights in here in the future. I have a brand new fancy show in the works I plan on filming at the end of this month (Hopefully). Yup, although the site is slow now, hopefully will be kicking up soon enough here.

Man I feel like the last dozen updates on the site have just been "HEY IM WORKING ON THE DVD" but really thats pretty much all I can say at the moment. I'm on the final stretch and then i'll be back to getting season three done which by the way has an excellent ending. Lots of hate for Season Three as a whole from some of the LESSER FANS but man when those last couple episodes come out and everything clicks together both was all that build up worth it. Next season I'm going to relax on the storytelling in favor of just slapstick humor for a bit but I will say that Unforgotten Realms without a story just seriously doesn't make any sense. Roleplaying without.. Roleplaying? Geeze.

Oh? When am I planning to have this DVD out the door? End of the month. I'm in the final preparations here and while I have the DVDs now and they are ready to ship there is a SMALL PRESENT I'm waiting on I want give all my pre-orderies. I can say that as long as something doesn't go terribly wrong, the DVDs will start shipping before March. I will keep preorders going until the first day I ship and will put up a big one week warning as well. Once I start shipping however, The DVDs will go "Out of Stock' for awhile until every preorder is shipped and I have time to get setup for proper shipping.

If everything goes according to plan, you might not see "episodes" right away but you will see the build up and small trailers to episodes starting the first week of March with episodes coming out weekly again mid/end of March. I know I said February but alas DVD production deemed it no so.

Stay tuned and check back soon for the continuation of Unforgotten Realms!

PS: I know the episodes are borked. 1 through 14 work with the exception of 7 that for whatever reason doesn't have an intro! I'll be fixing all FOURTY SOMETHING episodes over the month.


  1. Can't wait Rob. I put my Pre-order down the day it was available, and I know it'll be worth it.

  2. us fans are just glad to hear from you! was getting real worried that you might've gave up, how wrong was i
    wishing you all the best rob! good luck and I'm super pumped for the rest of season three! but with patience ;)

  3. We'll be patient Rob, take your time :)

    I would love to have the DVD here now tho ;D

  4. It's 'forty' not 'fourty'. Just sayin'

  5. dude when can you do another GRR podcast those things are gold!

  6. I, too, look forward to the next podcast!

  7. Hi Rob,

    I've been watching this for the past couple of years after I found the series on newgrounds. Since then I've introduced a couple of girlfriends to the series and they loved it too. Thanks for giving me some laughs!


  8. I have found 26 grammatical errors in this blog. You can do better, Robert. (jkjkjkjk) When Runetotem is down.. I come here. :P

  9. Dude, when r u finally gonna continue? You always give promises like: Before Christmas i will ship the dvds and Begin of march: Trailers but when r u finnaly gonna do something. I mean, the serie is great, but i (and a hell of a lot of other ppl) r getting rlly annoyed by all the false promises you make

    Me and my friends are rlly dissapointed in you

  10. Thanks Rob for all the work you have put into the series and for us. I realise you get payed and all for it and still, but im happy for you that you dream came true and you could do something like this.

    Good man.


    Kofurea, I know you are dissapointed, but you gotta remember Rob is a human being too with his own life and all, so dont pressure him!It will come out, give it time.
    Keep your hopes up m8.

    Way to go!